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NetProcessor 9030/9040 is a high-performance transport stream processor for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 SD / HD. The NetProcessor 9030 is ideal for broadcast systems, content providers, and network operators aiming to transition from the current DVB ASI environment to IP based infrastructure.
The NetProcessor 9030/9040 performs multiplexing, remultiplexing, PSI / SI processing, data insertion, and scrambling for the myriad of services sent and received via the DVB ASI and telecom interface. It also acts as a bandwidth manager that statistically multiplexes the output of encoders located locally or remotely in one pool with Flexstream.
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Product features

  • The most compact and efficient MPEG-2 multiplexer
  • From 4 ASI inputs + 4 ASI outputs, up to 20 ASI inputs and outputs can be mixed. Up to 213 Mb / s is realized per interface
  • Equipped with input and output telecom interface
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet / IP ports
  • Multiplexing / remultiplexing of 100 transport streams received via ASI and telecom interface
  • Multiple transport streams up to 700 Mb / s can be generated via the output interface
  • Advanced management by PSI / SI / PSIP table, service filtering, and remapping
  • Oppotunistic data insertion
  • DVB scrambling algorithm simultaneously supports multiple conditional access systems
  • Statistical multiplexing of local / remote encoder pool with remote Flexstream technology
  • Provide advanced overflow prevention function through bandwidth monitoring and policing
  • Embedded SFN adaptation for each transport stream for DTTV applications
  • IP and ATM FEC and Advanced Clock Recovery Function Enable Error-Free Transmission in Any Network
  • Web and SNMP control / monitoring
  • Compact 1U chassis. Optional, can be equipped with redundant AC or DC power supply

Application areas

  • Satellite TV
  • Terrestrial TV
  • Cable TV
  • IPTV
  • Mobile TV (DVB-H / MediaFLO)
  • Material transmission / distribution

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