4K 3840p60 HEVC IRD

Village Island presents the next generation of decoders supporting 4K HEVC.

Compared to H.264/AVC, the new HEVC compression enables the same quality image for half of the bitrate. Such performance is key to achieve live transmission of 4K UltraHD video over any broadcast network. Our unique system targeted for live 4K contribution permits 4K 50/60p (not only 25/30p) in real-time and in a single tile (no HD decompositions!), so to achieve maximum performance and video quality for new generation 4K broadcast services and 4K live sports events.

Download the datasheet at this link: VH-4000


HD 1080p60 HEVC IRD

Village Island is happy to announce the launch of the VH-2000, a professional grade HD HEVC receiver decoder.

This achievement is made possible thanks to the combination of professional high-grade components such as the DekTec DTA-2160 (for combined ASI and IP input) and DTA-2152 for HD full-frame SDI output.
The unit can support up to 1080p, 10bit within a single 1U rack size chassis with 5 year guaranteed components. It is fitted with front panel control and a web user interface enabling local and remote access. It can also be controlled by the VBNMS network management system as well as by the famous Skyline Dataminer network management system.


Since the emerging of the HEVC/H.264 compression engine providing double bitrate saving performances compared to the nowadays famous H.264/AVC standard, more and more broadcasters are tempted to challenge: trial services to offer the same HD video quality for half of the bitrate (double the number of services within the same band-width) or higher quality contents or new generation services such as 4K.

For HD services, although chip vendor companies like Broadcom already supply HEVC decoding components, there is no end-user receiver/decoder product available for broadcasters and no major broadcast equipment manufacturers that are ready to make the big step, by investing and releasing professional applications for HEVC real-time decoding.

The first version of the VillageIsland VH-2000 currently supports ASI and IP (RTP/UDP/HLS) input, however satellite RF input with BISS descrambling will be added from January 2014.

For more information on the above product during Interbee 2013, please feel free read: Village Studio 4K
If you have any queries or interest in this product, please feel free to contact us: Contact Information

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