Product Name Description

DTA-105 | Dual DVB-ASI Output Dual DVB-ASI Output Adapter

DTA-107S2-SP | DVB-S2/DVB-S L-band modulator Upconverter with on-board 950 .. 2150-MHz synthesiser

DTA-115-SP | Multi-standard VHF/UHF modulator Most sold PCI modulator world wide

DTA-Plus | VHF / UHF booster / attenuator for DTA-115 Level range increased to -100…+10 dBm

DTA-145-SDP | ASI/SDI in+out with bypass relais Watchdog-controlled input-to-output bypass relais for redundant configurations

DTA-160-SDP | Gigabit Ethernet 3x ASI Input / Output Zero-jitter play-out of multiple IP streams