Enabling PCs for Broadcast

Founded in 2000 by two engineers coming from Philips Digital Video Systems, Sito Dekker and Maarten Ghijsen, DekTec Digital Video manufactures PC add-on cards, USB- and IP devices and complimentary software tools for the professional digital television market. These devices can be used for test and measurement purposes, to build a flexible and versatile broadcasting infrastructure or to be used to incorporate the OEM parts into your company’s product.

Seeing the astonishing advances in PC technology, the creation of real-time applications never thought possible, is now possible. DekTec supplies the missing pieces to build complete applications in the form of interface adapters to route digital-TV signals in and out of the PC, and optimized software components to perform the signal processing. The economy of scale provided by the PC platform, combined with DekTec’s multi-purpose interface devices and software, enables an exceptional price to performance ratio.
Village Island is actively supporting Dektec in Japan and South-East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos).

To provide digital-TV professionals with innovative, best-in-class hardware and software to successfully deploy PCs in digital- television solutions