April 2013

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DTA-2115 All standard, all band modulator for PCIe

DTA-2115 – All Standard, All Band Modulator

A truly universal and high-end modulator for PCI Express. Agile from 32 to 2186MHz (VHF/UHF and L-Band for satellite), bandwidth up to 72MHz. Supports virtually all DTV modulation standards and has advanced features such as phase noise emulation.

DTA-2154 Quad 3G/HD-SDI ASI ports with genlock for PCIe

DTA-2154 – Quad 3G/HD-SDI / ASI Ports

DekTec’s flagship HD-SDI product. Each port is programmable input or output, and SDI (3G, HD or SD) or ASI, in any combination. Supports hardware scaling, direct DMA to a graphics card and Matrix API for application development.

DTA-2162 Advanced network card with dual GigE ports

DTA-2162 – Advanced Network Card

Two Gigabit Ethernet ports with hardware accelerators for IP address matching, smooth streaming and more.
At NAB we will demo streaming over two networks with seamless fail-over switching.

DTU-351 HD-SDI input for USB-3

DTU-351 – HD-SDI Input for USB-3

Get HD-SDI signals into your laptop with this attractively priced HD-SDI interface for USB-3. Provides access to each sample of the full SDI frame. Can be used with SdEye for SDI analysis and monitoring.

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