B    R    O    A    D    C    A    S    T             E    V    O    L    U    T    I    O    N

Village island provides a wide range of audiovisual solutions. Our core mission is the distribution of broadcast technology and products from IP core, OEM hardware, software and SDK platforms to stand-alone equipment and system for Head-Ends and digital broadcasting. The switch from analog to digital brings revolution through all the ramifications of the Communication, the Broadcast and the Audiovisual industry, but more is to come in terms of continuous evolutions of hardware platform and server performance, but also in term of software flexibility and intelligence, towards an ever widening range of business applications.

VILLAGE island Tokyo head office was founded in August 2005.
VILLAGE island Asia Singapore office was founded in November 2007.

We propose state-of-art, affordable and flexible technology
in response to the reality of our customer needs.

Digital Broadcasting hardware and software

Our main business is the support in Japan and South-East Asia of internationally famous brands. We cover Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos.

  • Village Island

  • Dektec
  • Digigram
  • Sencore
  • Skyline
  • Aviwest
  • Barnfind
Software Development

On top of the distribution of these brands, we also offer our in-house software platforms

VillageFlow ™ Digital broadcasting signal processing platform

VillageVIEW ™ Off-line TS protocol analysis software

VillageStudio ™ Off-line content creation software

We enable fast deployment thanks to a highly modular and scalable approach. We also provide modules and SDK to incorporate OEM modules and software functions within customers’ products and systems.

Technological Advice Services

We seek to make a social contribution to society through promoting digital broadcasting technology. We extend technical cooperation to the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, take part in standardization and promotion abroad of digital broadcast as a full member of the Japanese ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Business) and also promote the next generation of multimedia broadcasting technology ISDB-Tmm as a full member of IPDC/ AMIO forum. Our seminars for digital broadcasting technology are used through Japan and Asia as an easy way to train the broadcasting engineers or equipment manufacturer engineers with the latest of the Digital TV industry.

Custom System Design

We are best at fine tuning solutions for very specific customer needs. The flexibility of our software platform, and our control over its design and developments enables us to provide customized products in no time.

Some of the key Solutions we promote include: